What is it?

#WriteMentor is a summer mentorship program that pairs un-agented writers with industry professionals in order to edit their book and query package, answer any questions the mentees might have about the writing industry, and form life-long friendships and connections.

#WriteMentor 2020

Last year I participated in WriteMentor 2020 as a mentee under the wonderful guidance of AJ Sass and Hannah Kates. They also mentored Gina Gonzales at that time, and we became good friends. The book I worked on with them that summer was Lacewing and Coal Dust, a middle grade fantasy about magic, music, and grief. It is currently with agents pending representation.

#WriteMentor 2021

This year Gina and I have been selected to co-mentor for the WriteMentor 2021 summer program! We are so excited to give back to WriteMentor everything and more they gave to us last year.

Wish List:

Dark fantasy, anything that reads like Studio Ghibli, action and adventure, anything queer or with minority characters (especially non-binary, trans, and gender non-conforming). I love the spooky, the creepy crawlies, the monsters, and things that go bump in the night. The weirder and quirkier it is, the more I’m likely to fall in love with it! Women in STEM is a big plus, especially if the science is shown to be fun instead of bad.
Check out my About page for my latest list of favorite books, TV shows, and videogames.


Fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, action, adventure, LGBT+, anything spec-fic

Not the best for:

Realistic fiction, romance (as the main plot), pets that die (unless they get brought back to life), dreamland/dreamscapes (I love these but I’m writing a Dreamland book right now)

Mentoring Style

I love to get into the nitty gritty details. Line edits are my jam. I also enjoy going over big picture stuff, like character arcs and story beats. I won’t ask you to change the vision of your story, but I might ask you to consider big picture changes that will require a lot of edits. But hey, I’m here to bounce ideas off you and help you through it! At the end of the day, I’ll be your cheerleader, advocate, and friend.
Gina and I will be offering two rounds of edit letters/feedback, as well as help with your query package.

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